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Andrej Tozon

ANT Andrej Tozon s.p.
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We are engaged in the design and development of information systems, data warehouses and integrated software solutions custom. We advise and assist you in preparing and managing your own projects and selecting the right technologies and tools to help you achieve the previously set goals.

Our vision is to provide high quality integrated software solutions that are in all respects follow the established standards. Our main goal is a satisfied customer.

The development and selection of tools we prefer Microsoft technologies in conjunction with many partners and other companies and solutions. We specialize in the area of client technologies (Windows 8 (RT), Windows Phone, Silverlight, WPF, Windows Forms), as well as manage a broad scope of web sites and applications (ASP.NET (MVC) / HTML).

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ANT Andrej Tozon s.p

Polanškova 9
1231 Ljubljana, Slovenija

TRR: 02010-0254967085
VAT ID: SI34800018

Phone: +386 41 865 508

about me

Andrej Tozon Andrej Tozon advises clients in introducing new technologies and patterns of development processes, actively engaged in the design and development of software solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies.

He devotes his most attention and time to Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF, the area where Microsoft gave him the title of Microsoft Most valued Professional (MVP).
Regular lectures at Microsoft conferences and other events, but also participates actively in newsgroups and Slovenian developer community (SLODUG).